The Brotherhood of Men Mentor Group, Inc.(BOM)

is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which provides a supportive environment, fostering life-skill enhancement and personal development in young men.

The "6 Musts"

The Foundation of The Brotherhood of Men Mentor Group lies on the "6 Musts". Each member has to perform these "musts" each day:

  • 1) Thank God for Another Day

  • 2) Make up Bed (To start day off right)

  • 3) Do a Good Deed

  • 4) Thank Whomever Takes Care of You

  • 5) Do your Chores Each Day

  • 6) Maintain Good Grades and Behavior

BOM teaches young men to…

• Put God first

• Love, respect and believe in themselves

• Set and achieve goals

• Be successful, productive members of society

We dream that by exposing these youth to more positive, uplifting experiences, we can break the vicious cycle of violence and crime that plagues the community in which they live. We want to enhance their personal growth while enabling them to become strong, responsible men.

Group meetings

Mentor group sessions are held every Thursday at Janie's Garden in Sarasota Florida's Newtown. The meetings start at 6:00 pm. The mentors, or “Uncles” as they are called, volunteer their time weekly at the meetings.

Our mentors include Police Detectives, Physicians, Retired Executives, Teachers, Financial Advisors, and more. This diversity gives us a wide base of experience and knowledge to share. All of our mentors share a common and sincere desire to help our children. We talk about topics ranging from current events in the news, peer pressure, and respecting your elders. We have guest speakers from every facet of life; police chiefs, public officials, public speakers, professional athletes, entertainers, and community members.


We teach basic money management, credit, and investment principles to our youth.  We give them the "dinner table" conversations that many of them would never have otherwise.  We have reading materials, workbooks, speakers, and even investment accounts for them to practice buying and owning securities.

We hold all members accountable for their school behaviour and performance.  However, we also understand proper motivation!  For every "A" grade a member brings, they earn $5, however, if they earn a "C", that negates the "A".  If they get a "D" or anything lower, they are not eligible for anything other than giving us an explanation (or receiving a tutor)!

We have monthly or bi-monthly neighborhood clean ups in the Newtown area.  Particularly focusing on homes/areas with the elderly.

Through our previous Technical Skills Initiative, we were able to successfully rehabilitate two homes.  These homes have been used for our After Foster Care Program, helping young men who have aged out of the Foster Care system.  They have also been used to provide housing for single moms and Police trainees.

Join our weekly meetups

Every Thursday, from 6pm to 8pm

Meeting Location

2300 Central Ave, Sarasota, FL 34234

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