Professional man in a suit and tie with a beaming smile.
Dominic Harris

Detective Dominic Harris is employed with the Sarasota Police Department (SPD). In his eleven years with the SPD, he’s served as Patrol Officer, Community Policing Officer, member of the Street Crimes Unit, School Resource Officer (SRO), and is currently a Detective. Dominic was the SRO at Booker High School from 2015-2019. In 2017, he was named Booker High School’s Employee of the Month and was featured on WTSP news in recognition of his SRO effectiveness in April of that year. Dominic was also featured in a series of articles about Newtown’s 100-year history by the Sarasota Herald Tribune in 2014.

During period of service with the SPD, Dominic has received over 13 department accommodations with one being a lifesaving medal for saving a baby from choking in 2014. While in his neighborhood, Dominic recalled seeing young men “sitting around doing nothing and it became his mission to instill in them a sense of purpose and direction.” After weeks of wondering how to help solve the problem a possible answer dawned upon him in April of 2007 and, again quoting from SHT articles, “God put it in my heart to start a mentoring group.” He stated “I keep it real with the kids, I don’t sugar coat anything. I tell it like it is.” The Brotherhood of Men mentorship group founded in April 2007 has grown faster than Dominic ever imagined and has become a labor of love that consumes large chunks of his free time. Even though he competes with activities like football practice and the challenges of transportation, the results are clear; grades among the mentees are up, while behavior and self-esteem are improving. Interaction and communication among the participants and with their mentors is exhilarating. Mentoring has a special meaning because at age 13, Harris was mentored by a couple who volunteered their time and love unselfishly. “It’s all about hope,” he states. “The Brotherhood of Men keeps young men on the right path and lets them know that there’s no such thing as failure.” Harris intends to watch every boy walk down the aisle during their high school graduation. Someday, he hopes that the Brotherhood of Men will be housed in a permanent facility where “uncles” will be available full-time. “What if we had them for 10 hours at a time or even two hours a day? We’re already making such a difference two hours a week!” Dominic’s enthusiasm, drive, and his love for community continue to propel him down this path where his dedication to mentoring of young men is having a significant impact in terms their ability to achieve educational success and reach God given potential during their adult years. And, consequently, they are changing their shared community!