Elderly man in a suit with a tie smiling in an office environment
Scott Ashby

Since 1979 Scott has been providing consulting services as Scott Ashby Teleselling Consulting. He has worked with and helped 377 clients, from coast-to-coast, better utilize inside staff to maximize their use of the telephone as a high-impact sales and marketing force … to better penetrate their customer base, reach new and niche markets and control sales costs. These clients involve a wide variety of business-to-business industries, markets and selling situations, such as industrial and construction equipment and services, data processing and information technology, electrical and electronic products and services, healthcare, agricultural and consumer products, both at the manufacturing and distribution levels, as well as intangibles sold to companies and individuals.

These efforts involved helping companies and organizations refine and strengthen existing telephone selling operations and effectively creating and developing new programs. All were geared more towards a higher quality, consultative, relationship-building type of business-to-business telephone sales, that involves a genuine give and take conversation, and is more similar to a face-to-face sales approach, except it’s done over the phone. Prior to 1979, Scott was a manager for 8 years at telephone selling operations. Before getting into telephone sales, for 6 years Scott was an Associate Sponsor and Area Manager for the Dale Carnegie Courses and promoted, sold, and taught both the regular and the sales course. Scott initially evolved, pretty much by accident, into sales and sales management at a small moving and trucking company in Jacksonville, FL, in the early 60’s. He originally started in that type of business because of his BSBA from the University of Florida in 1959-his major was transportation (not sale and marketing).

Scott and Blair were married 55 and a half wonderful, unbelievable years and raised 3 children, all born in Jacksonville (Blair’s home), but now living successfully and happily in the Midwest (because they grew up in Kansas City, MO). Incidentally, based on their father’s somewhat different career approach, they are all independent workers and won’t have anything to do with a normal, corporate job. Blair passed on January 12, 2018, and in an effort to maintain his sanity and give something back to the World, and possibly help rectify some wrongs perpetrated by this country and our culture, Scott is an active mentor and supporter of the Brotherhood, and gains as much or more than the young men get, by trying to help them grow into successful, happy, productive adults.